What is the most important thing you can do for your business in 2014?

2013 in digital marketing was one of the most exciting years I can remember, and 2014 is gearing up to be better. We saw a complete “calm down” from Google and some sensible indexing of websites which has driven more traffic to most websites. Coupled with that the team at Touch Marketing are getting more talented at tweaking Social media to produce excellent results for clients.

We have also seen some incredible results being achieved with social media, so much so that it has me excited and here I am at 5-00am writing about it….

The thing I am excited about is what I call a “ground swell”

The most common question we get from a client is how do I measure ROI on social media? and when i explain that you basically can;t they get this rather gloomy, suspicious look and the head tips sideways. We can of course measure ROI and CPC on facebook ads with the new platform, but it is impossible with social media until……………………the end of the year when the client starts to report back some of the changes they have experienced in their business.

This is what I call “ground swell” and I believe the term and successes come from increased brand awareness in the market. I have shot a video below to show what I mean.

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